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~RP Rules~

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~RP Rules~

Post by Althea on Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:55 pm

1) No Godmodding. So no controlling anyone else's character only your own
2) No power playing. If you are going to fight do so fairly. None are perfect everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes you hit, bite ect sometimes you dodge blows.
3) Killing blows are only acceptable to kill in battle or from the wounds if agreed on by both members agree and/or it is approved by an Alfa.
4) This is a semi realistic pack guys but we can not fly or anything like that but climbing trees and minor things like that is acceptable.
5) Post need to be at least 3 sentences also guys and keep role play in role play please.
6) Mates must be approved by your packs Alfa and something both members want.
7) Pups are allowed and can be played by anyone in the packs so long as approved by all alfas or they can be put up for adoption for new members of the pack to play. The mating can be M rated so things like 'he pushed slowly into her waiting warmth groaning as it surrounded him.' Or 'Waves of pleasure washed over her a she felt her mate enter her slowly and pressed back against him as he started to thrust loving the feel of his length rubbing her walls.' However no more heavily detailed than that and same with birthing please.

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