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Blood Packs History (See Each Side Of The Story)

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Blood Packs History (See Each Side Of The Story)

Post by Althea on Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:19 pm

Alfa History

Ajax watched as his young pup played with Caput his tercero's son. Althea was a stunning silvery-white pup much like her mother, Clarisa but with his green eyes and she looked good beside the darker pup. They were just reaching 6 moons old and Calypso their other friend was talking to Lark her half-brother. She was in-line to take her parents spot as segundo once his daughter took over as Alfa and Caput would become tercero. But soon that was to be all ripped apart as Rohan and Divina started to gather forces now so Calypso would be Alfa now that she was a yearling.

Clarisa noticed Ira starting to pull away once Caput reach 12 moons even though the younger wolves where still always playing together. Davina and her had never been close like she was with her tercero and it unsettled the fae. Now it was noticed by both Alfa that the pack was starting to slowly shift in alliance even though they all said they were loyal.

It came to a head when Altheas rising ceremony was to take place. She was now 36 moons old and a trained as she could be. However the young fae did not know that everything she knew and loved was about to be ripped away. Just before the ceremony was to start the pack split.

Supporting Rohan and Davina was Lark, Taika, Aylin, Vesper, Shiva, Kheri, Taro and Calypso. While behind Collatus and Ira stood Malum, Cudo, Amare, Certus, Sagax, Astutus, Pax and Caput. The only ones who remained loyal to Ajax and Clarisa were Althea, Fernando, Crynn, Nikhita, Chace, Edom, Layton and Pravat.

The battle was started by her father as the black brute launched himself at Rohans dark grey body. Soon the den site was a heaving mess of bodies as they fought. Althea caught glimpses of her parents fighting side by side with their black and silvery-white fur in stark contrast with each other. She saw Pravat with his red fur fighting his fellow Ancianos, the dark brown Kheri and white pelted Sagax.

Soon it was starting to slow down and Althea was locked in battle with Taro with his yellow cream fur matted and stained from blood much like hers was. There were bodies of dead wolves laying on the ground and she pined the brute before biting down on his neck and feeling it break after he tripped over the grey body of Amare. It was her first kill.

As she lifted her head she noticed none were standing other than Calypso and Caput her old friends. Her parents lay side by side covered in blood and she made her way slowly over to them. She bowed her head and using a soft paw closed their eyes. Lifting her head she looked at the other young wolves and they agreed to bury their parents but Althea knew they would part after doing so as they would never trust each other again.

And so they each took a piece of territory around the sleepy hollow where they buried their parents and other pack mates and parted ways. Althea to the forestry flats, Caput to the mountain range and Calypso headed the east where the ocean lay.

Now who will you follow?

Segundo History
Rohan watched as his two offspring chatted and fought playfully. The two didn't get along at first, but now were inseparable. His eldest offspring was Calypso, a beautiful grey pup with crystal blue eyes. His daughter's fur was only slightly lighter than his. She had his deceased mate's eyes. Calypso's best friends were Althea, the Alfa's daughter and Caput, the Tercero's son. Calypso was trained daily by her mentor Taiga so that she would be ready to be segundo. Althea was also in line for Alfa, while Caput was for Tercero. Her father Rohan decided she should be the next alfa instead and so with Davina they gathered followers.

The avoid suspicion, Rohan continued to let the 12 moon old Calypso play with Althea and Caput. He left his daughter unaware of her followers. Not even Lark knew a thing. While Rohan stayed with Ajax and Collato, Davina went around collecting members. It eventually occurred to Davina that they weren't alone in gathering allies.

Rohan decided to strike at the 36 moon old Althea's rising ceremony. Calypso's ceremony was about a month away, as so much time was needed for the new alfa first. Rohan and Davina gathered their followers just as the ceremony was about to start. Just like that, everything was dragged into utter chaos. Shocked, Calypso could only watch what was about to unravel.

Agax was the first to start as he launched himself at Calypso's father. Wolves had also gathered from Collatus and Ira. The entire pack was pushed into bloodshed. One by one, bodies dropped onto the stone cold floor. Calypso could only see flashes of fur as each member launched themselves at others. Amongst the fighting, Calypso caught sight of her brother Lark frozen in fear. She tried to reach him but was pressed down by Malum, Collatus' brother. Then and there, she thought it would all be over. However, in the corner of her eye she saw her younger brother fall lifeless. Calypso's small body was consumed with rage.

Escaping Malum's grasp with her agile body, she then lunged for his back. She sunk her teeth into the back of his neck and held tightly until he stopped moving. Crimson liquid dropped down her muzzle as she raised to her feet. Amongst the bodies and stench of blood, only Althea, Caput and herself remained.

Exhausted and filled with grief, Calypso could only stare at the bodies of her parents, her precious brother and mentor. Her tears dropped onto Rohan's cold grey fur. Lark and Davina were new to her, but her father was everything. For a minute she just poured her heart out and cried. The three wolves agreed to bury their parents at the Sleepy hollow amongst the sacred oak tree.

They buried their parents around the tree, and the rest a bit further down. Calypso whispered her goodbyes to her family then turned away. She went to east for the ocean, Althea for the forest and Caput to the mountains.

The only question left is.....

Where does your loyalty lie?

Tercero History

Ira watched as the pups moved about their business. Caput, her only pup and her son, was playing with the Alfa's daughter Althea. Calypso was talking to her half- brother, Lark. She watched her son admiringly, he was a mix between her light tan and Collatus's Dark brown. He had taken to Collatus's golden eyes.
He was 6 moons at the time.

Caput had reached 12 moons. Collatus was glad and had allowed Caput to continue to play with his friends, Calypso and Althea. Malum and Collatus had been talking and knew they didnt want Caput to become just a Tercero, they wanted him to be an Alfa. So they started withdrawing from the Alfas and the Segundos and started to gather followers.

By the time Caput had reached 36 moons was the time the pack seemed to have split, they were all just a ticking bomb waiting to explode into a fight. And they did. It began with the Agax at Althea's rising ceremony. Caput's wasnt for another week or so.

Agax launched himself at Rohan and it began. Collatus nodding to Malum who signaled his group launched themselves at the others. The only ones Caput knew to trust were, Collatus, Ira, Malum, Cudo, Amare, Certus, Sagax, Pax, and Astutus.

It was a bloody. Pax had launched herself at the grey furred Vesper. Collatus had launched himself at Clarisa, and Ira to Davina. No mercy was held in the fight. Caput helped where he could and was finally locked in battle with Edom. His mixed colored fur was spattered with blood. Edom's red fur was hard to tell if there was blood. Edom was over powered and Caput pushed him to the ground, clamping his jaws over his neck and jerking his mouth snapping it even though he begged for his life. He stood. Edom wasn't the only one to die at Caput's paws, but he was the last. Looking around, there was Althea, her white fur splattered with blood along with Calypso's white. grey and black mix.

His eyes found his parents bodies and he felt pain where his heart should have been. One of the two other allegiances had killed them. His loving parents. He was enraged, but they would pay, later, they would pay. The three decided to bury them and go their separate ways. Leaving Sleepy Hollow, Caput went to the Mountains, where his parents met. Calypso went to the sea, and Althea to the forest.

The only question left is....

Where does your loyalty lie?

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